Design Camp is a free conference put on
by creative people for creative people.

Everyday designers have stories to tell, suggestions to make, and life lessons to preach. This basic idea fuels Design Camp. So, prepare a presentation, regardless of your eloquence, and come speak to your creative peers at Design Camp. You'll also enjoy other presentations, network with other creatives, and refuel your creativity. Plan to attend? RSVP please!

DesignCamp will be hosted at the Astin Mansion, a historical building located in Downtown Bryan. Learn More...

Who should attend.

If you're a creative person interested in sharing your ideas and passion, then you should attend! This includes designers, photographers, illustrators, writers, fine artists, and anyone else in a creative field. However, all talks should focus on something pertaining to design or the field itself.

What to bring.

First and foremost, bring yourself and an open mind. We want you to come ready to talk, listen and absorb your surroundings. Feel free to bring your laptop, plenty of business cards, and freebies if you have them. We can also always use a few spare extension cords.

What it costs.

Free! Free as in Free-mium. Free as in no excuse to miss! Although the event is free for attendees, it will cost around $2-3k to host including the cost of food and drinks, merchandise, the facility and other amenities. Interested in sponsoring? Let us know!

motion notes

MotionNotes is a platform for digital communication that lets you send rich, multimedia messages to friends (and prospects) via the web. Record a video introduction with your webcam and send with an attached Flash widget, picture slideshow, personal movie, or YouTube imbed. Post messages to Twitter or send to an email address. Email is static. MotionNote it!

inc spring

Incspring is the premier online supplier of original corporate brands to entrepreneurs and new businesses across the world. Our packages of brands, logos and domain names are put together by our community of professional designers and are available to download now!

always creative

Always Creative is a branding and design outfit in Bryan, Texas, led by three creative minds who have an understanding of design, branding, and the web. Always Creative gives organizations a new vision for operating and enhances its marketing efforts. By understanding the essence of a brand, Always Creative sees your company for what it is and what it can become.


FIBERTOWN began as a concept originated by the founders and owners of Managed Network Solutions and Astin Redevelopment. MNS was originally founded in 1997 with the goal of providing world class networking and telecommunication services to corporations and education. MNS built a solid reputation in the networking and telecommunication services industry and continues to be known for its innovative approach to customer sales, service and solutions. In 2005, MNS and Astin Redevelopment began building the FIBERTOWN Campus and in 2007 began building FIBERTOWN's Tier IV Datacenter in Bryan, Texas.

pop labs

Founded in 2001 Pop Labs is one of the nation's leading full service digital media agencies. Employing a unique holistic and hands-on approach to search engine marketing and social media, Pop Labs helps clients achieve better online marketing results by focusing on what web users really want. Serving thousands of small to mid-sized business owners, (in addition to the occasional multi-national conglomerate) allows Pop Labs to develop key processes and efficiencies that yield better results at lower cost...enhancing your ROI.

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